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Sunday Morning Football

Sunday football is as American as apple pie. Kids know every team and just about every ESPN Highlight in the NFL
They emulate players running style, their catching style and wear their jerseys across town.
For some kids, they even find their heroes. That goes for basketball, baseball, etc.

Where and when does this happen with soccer ?

For me, when I was younger, we didn’t have much soccer on TV.
I was pretty young when I was going to Cosmos games if I was lucky my neighbor took me.
My mom and dad were not really into professional soccer being from Jersey City and Union City then raising us up in Kearny. (Funny how that changed over time.)

I might have been just around 10 when the NASL league folded so I do not remember too many details from games.
As a matter of fact, the only thing I do remember is a mascot in a Bugs Bunny outfit throwing out carrots into the stands before the game

There wasn’t much soccer on TV. It was a foreign idea.

Now a days, there are options for kids.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I wake up and walk down stairs to say good morning to my kids, and they will have soccer on the TV,

I believe in “Looking Up” all the time. Young kids should be “looking up” to older kids. Any kid, any sport.
Remember how successful that Nike ad was with “Be like Mike”

As growing soccer players we should be looking up. There are old kids in our club that we can look up to
There are high school teams, college team and pro sports in this area that you can look up to.

With all these newer TV contracts, there are so many games on TV that you can “look up” to now
New York Red Bull just started their season.

There are fantastic matches on the TV every Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Very high paced. Accurate passing. Creative players.  Amazing plays.

Once in awhile the big games go on regular NBC too.
NBC Sports is typically the channel to watch games from England. (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal.. etc)
BEIN Sports from Spain (Barcelona. Real Madrid)

Sunday Football for me is a little different from what most Americans think of Sunday Football.

Just about every weekend you can wake up and put on NBC Sports and see 2 quality teams play.
And its early enough (could be 7am start)

There are also Champions League games, LaLiga, Bundesliga and our national team USA games on.

Being a fan of the game my whole life, I am not sure when we are going to get a Messi and Ronaldo again.
Find a time to watch Barcalona play.  See how their style differs from a Manchester United team.
See how they both differ from Bayern Munich.

Don’t let this great tool for kids go by. Let them find a team. Let them check out some early games in the morning
Let them emulate plays. Let them watch and learn and enjoy the sport.


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