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Hot off the pitch !

A “Storm” is Brewing

As the sun hid and the temperature dropped, a “Storm” was brewing. Florham Park took the field against an undefeated Summit squad, poised to avenge last week’s loss and make Coach Adam Schmit proud.

Storm played a different format today (3, 4, 1) and played it very well. With Kfir Katzav up front; Connor Schmit, James Raphael, Christian Bucciarelli, Luka Buneta and Ryan Ciasullo in mid positions; Liam Bill, Paul Rinaldi, Michael Rinaldi, and Jack Lowinger in the defense, the boys adapted to the change quickly and held their positions to control the game.

Summit was able to score a goal, but this did not seem to break Storm’s spirit. The boys dug in, kept the pressure on and worked together to get a goal later in the second half.

Coach Schmit’s boys have been battling the odds lately. Lowinger was sick last week, but returned today and played with 110% effort. Ciasullo twisted his ankle in the game but refused to just watch the team work for the win. “I need to get in Coach”, he said. He went in and gave it his all. Katzav could taste the goals today, but the physically aggressive Summit defense fouled him every time he was locked on and “ready to fire a shot”, according to Coach Schmit.

Christian Bucciarelli started in mid field today and held his position well, racing up and down the field. Connor Schmit and James Raphael battled back against the defense on one run and James was able to give Connor the ball, which he placed in the net to tie the game.

Paul and Michael Rinaldi played hard and never stopped going after the ball. Michael even had his glasses knocked off, but that did not stop him. Liam Bill held strong in center defense and had some big kicks to stop Summit from shooting on our goal. Nicholas DeGeronimo played a great keeper game. His punts are getting higher and stronger.

The Team thanks Nicholas for taking the keeper position. Luka Buneta ran fast, did not back down from the other players and wanted to show his team his passion for the game. Despite it only being his 4th game, he played like it was his 4th year.

Although Storm tied Summit 1-1 in the end, they succeeded in making Coach Schmit proud with their spirit and determination.

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