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A Win At The Den For The wolFPack

FLORHAM PARK NJ – Florham Park wolFPack opened up their first game at THE DEN Sunday with a 4 – 1 victory of Denville Hurricanes.

The wolFPack is starting to head into Communion Season and did not have starting net minder Mark Perillo and midfielder/defender standout Johnny Keogh.  Once again Matt Toto stepped up in the net providing a brick wall for the visiting team.

Defender Ryan “Medichio” Medich was once again the anchor of the defense with Nick Cicarelli, Daniel “D.R.” Raphael and Dylan SuggMedichio stopped just about every attack that came down the middle while Cicarelli, D.R. and Sugg hung up the “Closed” sign on the wings.  They had their hand full with a speedy forward on the Hurricanes who did provide 1 goal for the visitors.  However, the defensive side of the game was solid throughout the contest.

On the other end, Danny Ewing’s ridiculous efforts in the midfield and forward positions helped the wolFPackers get up and down the pitch.   His kick around the player and run past him play was in full effect.  Ewing’s hard work was on display as he was full of mud after the full 50 minutes.

Dylan “D.B.” Brown also stepped up in his role as midfielder and forward positions.  D.B.’s hard work lead to one of the goals in the first half of the game adding another assist to his tally.

Completing his 3rd hat-trick in 3 games Peter Garing notched all 4 goals for the wolFPack raising his goal count to 10. Garing was able to capitalize on a Free Kick, Penalty Kick, D.B. assist and got an unassisted goal when he picked off a pass from the Hurricanes.

Next Sunday the boys will have their hardest game against rival as they travel to Summit at 1:00 PM

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