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Down Goes Glory!

Florham Park– June 17 2018: The Florham Park LandSharks played their final match of the 2018 spring season this Sunday against the Montville Glory. The Glory bettered the Landsharks 2-1 the first meeting after some mistakes out of the defensive side of the field. These mistakes led to a safer formation for goal kicks and goalie throws as coach Franco introduced a Shark into these plays (one midfielder taking the first kick with the two defenders in position). As a result no goals were given up from plays originating in the goal during the second half of the season. Franco and the Landshark coaching staff are up for MCYSA coach of the year! Back to the article….. The Landsharks took down the Glory 1-0 in an exciting game. After the game celebrations began, Cookies were eaten, trophies from last seasons flight 3 championship were handed out. What a joyous celebration.
The landsharks took an early 1-0 lead with a goal from Ava Adochio following a cross from Caitlyn Fenyk.
In the Forward position, Astrid Yougren, Ava Adochio and first time forward Miss Olivia Franco. Franco brought her aggressive ball play and ball control to the forward position, essentially moving the game into the Glory’s side of the field.
The Midfield was Played tough by Caitlyn Fenyk, Tori Henning, Parv Chiarella and Ally Massarano.
Defensively, Camran Sward, and Avi “Speedster” Tenore did their jobs and held the Ravens scoreless.
In Goal Patsy Shallis played her second shutout of the year.
Ally Burmeister (injured reserve) had to be held back as she was seen trying to peel off her cast to get into the game.
This win brings the Landshark record to 6-3-1 and a second place finish (tied with Denville). The Landsharks were the only team to beat the Caldwell Cougars all year. The coaches would like to thank the players for an incredible season, the parents for being the best parents ever, the wine and of course the best chocolate chip cookies.

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