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FP Soccer Coaching Tip: Its A Passing Game

FP Soccer Coaching Tip: It’s A Passing Game
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Pretty simple concept.
The more I watch kids (not just Florham Park kid) play in tight spaces, the more frustrated I get.

I am at an indoor facility 5 days out of 7
I am in Mt Olive Marauder Dome twice a week
I am at Kozak in Randolph twice a week
And I am in our Brooklake gym for multiple hours every Sunday
And I also have kids in Drew indoor tournament.
(observing all kids, not just Florham Park specific here)

Its pretty bad out there.

We need to stress with our kids that this is not a dribbling game.
Every kid is doing drag backs into defenders, Maradona turns into walls, 30 cut backs that look great but then cut out of bounds.
I do not disagree with having those skill sets, but it shifts the game more to ME than WE

Watch what I can do here. I can Maradona my way around 2 guys.

Even though you may get away with it and everyone HOOTS !!
You’ve done nothing for the team and/or its too late for the better option.

As coaches we need to stress that this is a passing game.

As you still have time in your indoor sessions, I would like to see you get in a 15/20 minute session of just POSSESSION
No goals. Keep away.

You can do this in various forms depending on your numbers.

2 Teams. Easy enough. Just keep the ball away from each other
2 Teams. Every 5 passes is point. Every 10 passes. And so on.
3 Teams. 2 teams vs 1. Red and Blue vs Green. But if a blue guy kicks the ball out or loses it, Green and Red vs Blue

Move into space, don’t stand behind a defender
As a team with the ball , open up the field space to make channels and space to move ball into
Have vision to look around and come up with ideas BEFORE you get the ball. (Can’t Stress This Enough)
Pass the ball. You should have the ball for 3 seconds or 3 touches for most of the time.

Let me know your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree.
What are you observing out there with your team
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Christian Garing

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