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Hot off the pitch !

Why do we do it ?

It is 5:00 pm Sunday night and I am wrapping up the weekend.   My wife is out shopping and I am kind of really, well, doing nothing.
This was not too much longer after I wrapped up my chores around the house so don’t think that this I how I spent the day

I get a text message from my pal Sean who is asking

‘Hey can you play tonight at 9pm?”

Its a fill in role for a team I know nothing about = at a place I have never been to = in a league that is technically a little bit younger.
AND .. Its Sunday night

“Yep.  That sounds great” was my reply

“Pick you up at 8:10” is how we ended the text

That was no different than the time I rented some gym space in the West Orange Armory’s Soccer Palace.  I received an email about an hour before I was about to leave from my goal keeper.

“Sorry Chris, kids are sick… “

10 minutes later I had a friend Jeff on the phone.  30 ,minutes later we were in the Jeep on our way down Columbia Turnpike

Why do we do it ?

I am in my early 40s now and miss playing every day.  Every chance I get I will get out there an have fun.  I am not in college anymore, I am not trying to win tournaments, I am not trying to impress my family.

So there I was with a bunch of younger guys running around playing a game.


That’s why we do it !!!

Christian Garing
FPYSA Blogger

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