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Hot off the pitch !

Landsharks Drop to Second Place

The Ringwood Ravens arrived early to Florham Park for their second meeting with the Landsharks.

While the Ravens took the first game 1-0 in a final second goal, the Florham Park team entered the game with energy and enthusiasm, quickly taking a 2-0 lead on two goals by Caitlyn Fenyk starting in the forward position.

Fatigue set in the second half, contributed by the heat, small bench and the common cold contributing to a 2-4 loss for the Landsharks.

Playing at forward was Avi Tenore, Caitlyn Fenyk and Astrid Youngren

Midfield was played by Ava Adochio, Parv Chiarella, Ally Massarano and Olivia Franco playing at the midfield “stopper” position.

Defensively, Ally Burmeister, Camran Sward and Tori Henning battled endlessly with the Ravens forwards.

And finally in the goal: Ally M, Camran, Ava and Avi all split goalie responsibilities.

Injured Player Patsy Shallis was again on the sideline to provide support to the team. Patsy is waiting to be cleared by medical and will likely rejoin the team for game nine.

The Landsharks continue their quest for first place next week in West Milford against the Bobcats at 1:30PM.

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